What’s going on with Groovy?

Groovy Finance started with an 8k USD presale with only one promise, to put out NFT vinyl records, we did this. We decided to explore the ways in which we could do more in the space. The idea of the mNFT and cNFT was born and we worked to try and implement this on Ethereum. Gas prices make it unworkable as a means for music distribution. It is not feasible to buy a 1 dollar track for 25 USD when gas is included. The idea of contract creation for crypto investment in music and all…

On what we have achieved and what we intend to.

As more and more audio NFT coins come into the space and make claims about what they have done as a first with expensive PR companies. Let us lay out clearly what we have achieved.

You can see our growth has been organic, we did these things and they have informed on how we should go forward. …

Our next artist is announced.

Kask is a DJ and producer operating out of Tallinn, Estonia. Kask makes rough and soulful electronic music. He’s got a hardware heavy sound, always searching for new soundscapes able to express raw emotion. Additionally to playing records and his studio work, he is part of the collective who ran Lekker Club in Tallinn. He now hosts the electronic music radio show Lekker FM on Raadio 2 and a show called Offering Hour on Ida Radio in Tallinn.

Kask has had a series of releases on various labels, our favourite being this absolute belter ‘Silver…

Some thoughts on redeemable NFTs.

So after a wild week with a lot of new people joining, I thought I would share what has happening before we got on CoinGecko and CMC.

This project has been around for just over a couple of months. Initially the project only intended to offer NFTs on vinyl, and we did this. We offered original music that we loved on vinyl. You could buy one and then one would only exist, this has a sentimental factor but also is a very good explanation of what an NFT actually is, also the music was great.

How do digital signatures work in Estonia and how can they work for NFTs?

After an attempted discreet launch of our project Sinelock, we have had a lot of questions regarding how this works. So here is a short explainer on how digital signatures can be used to sign a contract for the ownership of a non-fungible token.


Firstly anyone could make an NFT, for example a picture of the Sinelock logo. …

The ability to legally lock your digital art is coming (well actually it’s here).

In Estonia we have been using digital ID cards for a while. It is common for us to vote using our laptops or phones. In fact 43.8% of people in Estonia voted online in the last election. We also use our ID cards to sign rental contracts.

Essentially, the way this works is by using a ‘qualified electronic signatures’. This is an EU standard now. As digital identity cards are being rolled out across the European Union it is important that technology can keep up with…

Our collaboration with ZUT, and what happens in a very busy next week.

It’s been a while groovies. You may have noticed a lot of activity, most of which is going on in the background. Whilst we continue to release NFTs, the focus is now on releasing the Groovy platform. We have now worked out the easiest way of implementing it in the way which we would be most satisfied with the results is by using a second layer blockchain, this will enable fees are kept to a minimum.

We successfully launched a collaboration with ZUT, so holders of both…

Welcome our first ‘doxed’ artist, Denzel

Denzel is a staple of the Helsinki nightlife scene, a DJ at the infamous Kaiku and now co-founder of the hottest spot in town, Post Bar. When not making people dance every weekend he produces music influenced by everything from his roots to the kebab shop below his apartment. Which he of course never visits because he is into intermittent fasting, which he claims gives better focus and helps his creativity. And from the tunes he is making, we can’t disagree.

When you add to a gene pool the qualities of a strong but…

After releasing NFTs using Rarible with great success, the time to move towards our own platform begins.

With all members of the team dealing with corona related issues, the last 2 weeks have been quiet. Alas, we are all now back in the country and you will be able to see we have started to update the website. You can now check your balance using Metamask and the ability to spend GVY will be active at the end of the week.

We have been preparing a roster of artists, none of which will be released under pseudonyms. We hope this…

With pace and passion.

So it’s been a while since the last update but if you are with us on Telegram you will realise we give updates almost daily on progress. And with the background of a US political election and booming BTC and ETH market taking over the news, we didn’t stop working on Groovy.

We have sent the first 50 holders of GVY the new ‘LaTroy — When Gecko?’ banger, please share this on your socials as we think it deserves more exposure. For gas reasons everyone else will receive their drop in due course.

We have…


A platform for redeemable NFTs as vinyl records.

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