Accomplishments and future plans

On what we have achieved and what we intend to.

As more and more audio NFT coins come into the space and make claims about what they have done as a first with expensive PR companies. Let us lay out clearly what we have achieved.

You can see our growth has been organic, we did these things and they have informed on how we should go forward. It is easy to throw some money at one artist and claim big numbers and hope it sticks as a marketing headline, but let’s focus on gradual organic progress and what it can do.


First ever redeemable vinyl record as an NFT.

First ever profit sharing of a physical redeemable piece of music as an NFT.

Sold music NFTs for minorities currently in financial hardship, and those who are not able to make rent in the current situation and given them 100% of income.

Consistently donating our Rarible aidrops to Mental Health charities but not posting about it as we don’t want to be seen as trying to market this.

Building an actual community of music lovers rather than just shilling a coin for the coins sake.

Various pieces of ‘meme’ music (but with high production values) which some may dismiss but have proved to be solid marketing.

Shifted from pieces of music under pseudonyms to using real artists in a space. These will only continue as we continue towards out platform.

Been on a real life radio show playing music we like and our NFTs.

Future Roadmap

Introducing more and more artists to the platform. We have many planned.

Changing the website to reflect the artist/musician link and to not just confuse users with talk of NFTs and cNFTs. The artists will be the main feature.

Releasing a Beta of the platform as soon as possible which shows how things work, but with only limited artists and functionality. This will then be tested by the community and us as we expand and complete the features we have planned.

All the best.


A platform for redeemable NFTs as vinyl records.