launch details

So with little fanfare today we launched a new ERC20 coin, is a token focusing on redeemable NFTs for vinyl records. We will put out our own unique vinyl records which we create with our own vinyl lathe. Each unique record can be bought on Rarible and profits will be split from these sales. You can also put your own music on vinyl by spending tokens.

We had a pre-sale for it on which initially sold about half the tokens, most of this was then used as liquidity and we added the coin to Uniswap, liquidity was then locked and the unsold tokens burnt.

Some crypto twitter influencers posted about us and so we had a small influx of buyers and people questioning on telegram (the best place to contact us), and we have spent most of day one trying to explain how it works and dispel any fud.

So going forward here is what we are planning:

On Friday 9th October we will demonstrate that we actually can cut vinyl records by cutting GF01, the first NFT we sold on Rarible.

This weekend will see 2 new NFTs launched (one which was suggested in Telegram already!) We hope these will also help with marketing as they are crypto related.

Next week will see the release of a full new website where you will be able to suggest music/artwork to become NFTs, and the best suggestions will be created and put on Rarible. Any profits from these are then shared with person who had the initial concept.

We will also open an e-store where you can get your own music (or just you singing happy birthday) cut to vinyl by spending your coins.

Please note: there will be processing times as we will have a backlog and procuring new blanks/cutting styluses can take time.

So thanks for a great first day, and we’ll catch you tomorrow for that live demo.

Token specifics:

Total Supply: 42,000
Team/Marketing: 10%


Liquidity lock:

Keep it groovy!

A platform for redeemable NFTs as vinyl records.