On collaboration and continuity

Our collaboration with ZUT, and what happens in a very busy next week.

It’s been a while groovies. You may have noticed a lot of activity, most of which is going on in the background. Whilst we continue to release NFTs, the focus is now on releasing the Groovy platform. We have now worked out the easiest way of implementing it in the way which we would be most satisfied with the results is by using a second layer blockchain, this will enable fees are kept to a minimum.

We successfully launched a collaboration with ZUT, so holders of both ZUT and Gvy can stake for a new coin, this added some nice liquidity for us and also found some friendly new community members. We also dropped a stunning house track as an NFT to all holders of the pair, so that all is quite lovely.

The eternal beckoning question of ‘When Gecko?’ seems to be coming to its end. Bobby Ong, the founder of CoinGecko even tweeted our song, saying they will take a look at our application on Monday. I also spoke to him personally and he took interest in our project.

On Tuesday we will have the first ever Groovy Radio show on IDA Radio, the schedule on the website will be updated later, but we are on in the evening Estonian time. So you can see Reggie and I playing some tunes.

The next week will bring a lot of big news and some changes. Especially in the way Groovy and its tech is offered. We have listened to feedback from some big cats and made a decision on how to proceed. We think everyone holding groovy will be happy with this decision. Expect another article on Tuesday, with a full explanation.

All the best.


A platform for redeemable NFTs as vinyl records.