With pace and passion.

So it’s been a while since the last update but if you are with us on Telegram you will realise we give updates almost daily on progress. And with the background of a US political election and booming BTC and ETH market taking over the news, we didn’t stop working on Groovy.

We have sent the first 50 holders of GVY the new ‘LaTroy — When Gecko?’ banger, please share this on your socials as we think it deserves more exposure. For gas reasons everyone else will receive their drop in due course.

We have continued our version of ‘human staking’ rewarding LPs last week with GVY and this weekend with an NFT which is a digital version of Kisa’s A.

You will be able to set a price and resell/make a market for them if you wish, there are only 13 of which 2 will be burnt, for a total of 11 remaining.

Location wise, I myself am now in the UK so it will be easier for us to get records sent out as I am closer to printing facilities for the sleeves and will not have to get them sent to Estonia and then send them out. The rest of the team remains in Estonia. We have shipped some records and merch, I am wearing Groovy merch every day. We will be implementing an online store for it in due course as we screen print in batches but it would be cooler to sell it for GVY rather than just ETH.

So with this said, the website is about going to become a lot more dynamic and integrated with Metamask at first (more wallets will come later). We also have fixed some little things like autodirect to HTTPS.

We are building an initial backend which you will just log in with Metamask and see how much GVY or GVY Uniswap LP you have. The functionality to approve/spend GVY should be up by the end of the week which means we can sell our own items for GVY, including NFTs, although we intend on continuing to use Rarible until we are comfortable with our own platforn.

The big news of the week is that we have given screen shots and a short video outlining our first MVP — the contract creation platform. The idea of mixing NFTs and Multisig wallets was always going to be hard to explain and the addition of some infographics helped but the feedback from the teaser video has been very good, people have a clearer vision of where we are heading. The Groovy contract creation platform is something we will use when working with future artists and thus it will become a PoC on it’s own, we can then charge GVY for people to use it. It also forms a major aspect of our future music platform idea (which may take a lot longer to develop). Progress is good on all fronts. We intend to make this contracting platform as easy to use as possible even if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of Ethereum.

So we head into another week, seems like we should drop a mixtape?

Keep it Groovy.

Simon (Groovy.finance creator)

A platform for redeemable NFTs as vinyl records.